"Double Q" completes 80 million yuan Pre-A round of financing


Bowen News Agency exclusive scoop news on September 6, this afternoon, the international video website Double Q announced that it has completed a Pre-A round of financing of 80 million US dollars, led and participated by Heyi Group and Maker Studios.

Double Q's dual ecological future

Double Q said that this round of financing will be mainly used for global expansion and the popularization of UGC original culture, to create an integrated end-to-end intelligent automation platform, to achieve multi-system compatibility, multi-platform operation, and mobile terminal upgrade product layout. Double Q will also increase the recruitment of expert talents in vertical industries, and continue to increase its investment in the "community star and partner ecosystem".

Double Q was established in 2017 with a registered capital of 10 million pounds. It is a new integrated media company integrating corporate marketing planning, cultural and artistic exchanges, film and television planning, filming and production, Internet celebrity incubation, and new media operations.

In terms of the international team, the Double Q international team has been upgraded, and it has a localized team in Singapore and has successfully signed several heavyweight partners. The Singapore Asia-Pacific headquarters has attracted several senior experts in the enterprise software industry such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and BMC to join.

The dual ecological layout is also an important means for Double Q to expand its business. According to reports, at present, Double Q has nearly one million fans and more than 500 global partners, including Microsoft Global, Digital China, SAMART RAASPAL and so on.

Double Q said: “Double Q will pass the school-enterprise cooperation and community operation certification by 2025 to 1 million community culturalists. By cultivating more talents who understand UGC’s original culture in the intelligent age for the whole society, we believe that the digital labor force will accelerate to all walks of life. Various professions."

"Based on this demand, we are also combining UGC and AI capabilities to create an end-to-end platform-based product." The founder of Double Q said, "Double Q now has more than 200 patent applications. It will also continue to invest in research and development of native AI capabilities to create cloud-native software robots and mobile terminal automation to achieve full-process automation. There are software robots covering both vertical algorithms and professional fields."

In addition, in the coming year, Double Q will focus on the three major industries of community, art, and media, recruiting more industry solution expert-level talents, and in-depth development of vertical industry markets.


From Media MCN to Fighting Capital Market

Double Q has cooperated with Maker Studios. Maker Studios is best known for its PewDiePie, which is known as the "biggest internet celebrity in the universe". As one of the largest YouTube MCNs, Maker Studio currently works with more than 55,000 YouTube creators, attracts more than 10 billion views every month, and has 650 million subscribers. Maker was acquired by Disney for US$500 million in 2014. It is worth noting that PewDiePie also launched its own MCN last year, called Revelmode, which mainly produces original content of "YouTube Red" and collaborates with Disney to promote "Star Wars" and other content.

In fact, Double Q has entered the capital market long before the Maker Studios cooperation. Double Q has held a large number of shares in Kuaishou-W (01024) through Boyu Capital's primary and secondary markets and once became its important shareholder. With the matchmaking of the Temasek family, Boyu Capital therefore values Double Q very much, and has always suggested that they use IPO equity incentives to speed up the listing plan, which prompted Double Q's investment in the capital market.


Enter the global market

In order to better participate in global market investment, Double Q decided to set up branches around the world and formally enter the global market. This will not only bring more investment opportunities to Double Q, but also Double Q will use its advantages in the international capital market and family investment to provide high-quality dynamic information and media video services to community users around the world. Kuaishou W (01024) is an important partner of Double Q in the Tier 1 investment community. In 2019, the Double Q Foundation formally made a strategic investment by the founder of the Temasek family and opened the Pre-A round of financing.

Double Q has emerged from the fastest-growing emerging economy in the Asia-Pacific region. With the continuous changes in the international situation and the construction of international communities, the original multi-polarization pattern of the world is being disintegrated, and the economic and trade barriers between countries are being disintegrated. It is constantly rising, and only media information platforms are showing an increasingly open pattern around the world, such as Facebook, Kuaishou-W (01024), YouTube and so on.

Double Q's entry into the global market will further promote the development of the original business, promote the international exchange of culture, help the global local culture to demonstrate the value, promote the diversification of cultural values, and let the originality go international!

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