【Berita utama】 The GameFi to Watch in 2022: CoolMining – to Empower Decentralized PoW Mining

2021 was a historical year for crypto. The total market capitalization of crypto in 2021 reached an all-time high of nearly $3 Trillion The second half of 2021 marks the rise of NFT and more excitingly, GameFi. It is one of the hottest things in the crypto world where both public chains and investment institutions are actively laying out the game circuit. with P2E, Free to Play, and Play for Fun concept games emerging massively.


ISEKY Goddess Invitation NFT to be Listed on Xterio Platform, Offering Numerous Benefits

As early as January 8th, ISEKY officially announced its entry into the Xterio platform and released a teaser video for its flagship product, ISEKY: Soul GPS. The video immediately captured the hearts of Web3 users. Within just one hour, a large number of participants flooded into ISEKY's Discord channel, and their enthusiasm even triggered Discord's protective measures, prompting ISEKY to temporarily halt new user registrations. Recently, ISEKY announced that the Goddess Invitation NFT will be listed on the Xterio platform on March 21st, once again attracting the attention of WEB3 users. Accor

Dengan pangsa pasar sebesar 37% dari pangsa pasar energi baru di dunia, akankah energi bersama masih begitu kuat pada tahun 2024?

Sebagai pemimpin dalam industri bank daya bersama, RSE telah berkomitmen untuk mempromosikan pengembangan dan mempopulerkan bank daya secara global. Baru-baru ini, RSE kembali menorehkan prestasinya di kancah internasional dengan tampil di Pameran Waralaba Internasional Rusia, yang menandai langkah maju yang kokoh bagi perusahaan dalam memajukan merek globalnya.

Whoosh! High-speed railway creates buzzword across Indonesia

Organized by China Daily and the ASEAN-China Centre, the "Song of Our Homeland" China-ASEAN International Media Tour 2023 was launched at the Halim Railway Station of the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway in Jakarta, Indonesia, gathered journalists from main media outlets from China and ASEAN countries.

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